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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> temperatures into the 60s
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and heat and humidity comes back into the picture. they come from perry hall and columbia and bel air. all it takes is one. one person to make a difference tonight. we take you inside of a foundation that has found its calling. it's almost better than the game. nothing to complain about as we take a look at the day that went right by us >> it was beautiful. we look at the night falling upon us. let's check in with meteorologist mike masco. >> we a really nice night out there. the airport reporting 71 degrees. let's go outside of town. hagerstown 69.
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it's a beautiful evening. here's the trend ahead, through 4:00 tomorrow morning when you are putting on good morning maryland, back into the 80s tomorrow and out humidity kicks back in tuesday. tonight after a deadly hit- and-run police in anne arundel county need your help. they are trying to identify a victim and also seven for suspect. a pedestrian was found between solomon avenue and harwood road. the driver was heading northbound on solomon road and did not stop. the pedestrian was described only as a black male. if you have any information about this, call anne arundel police right now. baltimore police looking for suspects and a motive a man was shot at a block party. according to police, the 20- year-old victim was attending in party in 3000 block of
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woodland avenue. they started arguing and a suspect shot the man several times. a bed and breakfast murder here in baltimore. it happened earlier fried morning. joseph ulrich, everybody know him. he was found shot to death right outside the empire house. the 40-year-old was with friends and larry peterson who still is in the critical care. right now hopkins police are lookinger two suspects. they think robbery is the motive here. after a deadly shooting claimed the lives of 6 people, the sikh temple is reopening. gunman wade michael page opened fire on the temple last week. he killed himself in the parking lot shortly after the attack. people in the service today took part in the ceremony.
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tonight, please go to church. a church that once had hundreds in its school, now it's down to one sunday mass. don't let that fool you. if you need to see the power of the people behind the church, follow us to penn lucy. >> reporter: the orange cones block it off. once all white church, now all black church, now a church for all. >> when i first came here, i was a little girl 5 years old. it was basically mostly white and they opened their arms to me and my mom. >> reporter: walked through the archway, you'll feel at home. >> we are about serving our community. >> reporter: they came to save a church but ended up saving themselves. blood pressure screenings, vision testing. >> it's definitely family. it's home. >> reporter: they will not give up on their church.
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they invited me but it was worth it to look at this. >> we finally realized, it's up to us and god to keep this parish alive. >> reporter: you heard the whispering of rumors, of its closing. but when see those hungry get fed, those in need get clothes, then you know that this church is needed. you'renot going to nd a church deep in community as this one. everything you saw was free from the food down to the screenings. the mall was -- it's time to get that back to schoolgear tax free. today the state kicked off tax free shopping week. you can shop without paying state 6% sales tax for the whole entire week. it applies to clothes, shoes, itemings under $100.
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well, fothose of you who have not started that back to school shopping yet, we were working with you to help you save on big items. >> reporter: most of us have gotten pretty savvy when it comes to back to school shopping. we clip coupons and grab folder and notebooks on sale. it turns out where you buy certain items can make a big difference. wal-mart is famous for low prices. where do you like to do your back to school shopping? >> target. >> reporter: if you try to do all of your shopping at one store, you may wind up short. savvy shops hit at least three different stores. >> getting those different penny deals, checking out the
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drugstores even. >> reporter: andrea suggest in her blog, that you check sunday circulars like at walgreens, cvs. she recommends targets and wal- mart for basics. she likes dollar stores for markers and glue, staples for weekly penny deals and office max for hard to find school items like printing products. the stores are running lots of good clothing sales this month. if you holding out for macy's family friend sale, you're out of luck. don't waste your money. i guess you can say it was a homecoming of sorts for the baltimore ravens.
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>> steve machado decided to bring his club. >> reporter: the aarons were making dreams come -- ravens were making dreams come true. this practice was the next best thing. the seats may say go navy but these people are here to see somebody else. and jenny obviously isn't the only one. ravens fans like her, packed the stands to see the players up close and personal at a free public practice. >> maybe not as big as some people. i think it's fantastic. you're closer than you ever imagine. >> reporter: things like the prize 6-year-old alexis is leaving with. alexis may not know but her dad
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walter, a ravens fan who drove in from york, pennsylvania certainly does. >> just exciting to get a football. chance of a lifetime. she'll know in a couple years. >> reporter: realize that the man who owns the team she already loved, gave her a gift even better than the one these fans are getting. they got great access to their team although some would like to get a little closer. >> he wanted to get his jersey sign. >> reporter: autographs and memories, the ultimate price for fans who know if they team to go all the way, they got to work.
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. getting on redskins territory. that's good stuff. tonight we're going to hear from the man who has really found his calling. >> he is calling on you now to help collect children prize. 66 right now and very comfortable evening. there's some already some storms working in illinois. we'll keep an eye on that. a 15-year-old knows how to play outfield. he catches not one but two homers. when abc 2 news comes back in 60 seconds.
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. a back to school drive supplies is really in full gear. we're working for you to make sure kids in our community getting the tools they need. >> this is very personal for preston. let's hear from the man behind
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the mission tonight. >> i'm still thinking about what i want to be. >> reporter: tyler is one of the kids learning how to dream big thanks to the preston jr. foundation. >> sometimes, i find it hard to make ends meet now that i'm not working, i can't provide those things for him. >> reporter: through the tough times, this grandmother is determined to make sure her girls succeed. >> the foundation is great. i kept the girls in it since they were in elementary school. >> reporter: the career awareness project a devoted back to school program. an educational pathway that's otherwise may not be within their daily experience. >> they show there's more than
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one opportunity out there and if you can't go through that -- if you can't make it from that one, you can go and have a second option. >> reporter: the foundation's annual back to school drive is in its 9th year providing kids ages 5-17 with school supplies and clothing. the foundation collected over 100,000 school supplies and served over 11,000 students. >> that really helps saved me a lot of money. i can't find the words to express. >> reporter: through their leadership the community is a little cleaner including plans for a community garden. thanks for the preston mitchell jr. foundation, they have the power to make a difference. >> it teaches the kids what it means, not only do they get help, they help the community
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in the process. >> reporter: abc 2 news. you too have a chance to help these kids in need. abc is partnering with the foundation. we're collecting school supplies, the basics, backpacks, pens, paper and composition notebooks. you can drop them off at any location. all details is on the website, supplies. now maryland's most power doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> beautiful evening out there. temperatures right now between 70 and even about 75 downtown. i want to take you to kent island. beautiful shot. gorgeous skyline, another great shot for you. this is out towards ellicott city. again beautiful skyline as we head into the deep evening hours going into right now
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which we have a mixture of stars and clouds now. here's a picture downtown and here are the current stats. just really beautiful out there. 73degrees, low humidity that dew point value sitting around 64 degrees. now on top of doppler radar, it is clear overhead in terms of temperatures, we're into the 70s. let's go out towards west to hagerstown to winchester, it's 64 degrees. that's going to be the trend for the next 24 hours before more humidity comes back. we got to 85 today and 86 is our normal high temperature. 99degrees rather, that's in the books from back in 1900. few clouds drifting over the sun right now. we'll wake up to some really comfortable temperatures, 65. we're going to struggle close to the 90degrees.
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very dry heat tomorrow. high pressure down to the south. that is going to give us some ideal look in weather. eastern shoreline, that has pushed off east of us. high pressure next 24 hours that, build in and guarantees nice weather. west, warm front combination that comes into the picture. by tuesday humidity first and tuesday afternoon and chance of shower and thunderstorm as we head into tuesday evening. look at these temperatures, central pa, 62 and 68. it's going to be a comfortable feel. in terms of what to expect waking up temperatures into the 60s. it's dry and comfortable and 86 to around 89 degrees. watch how things start to change by tuesday afternoon, 90 degrees with humidity. storm will start along i-70 and
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cross the beltways. just be aware of that. beyond, we kind of go back and forth between scattered showers and storms. one cluster of showers and storms, we saw it was going to be gordon but it has fallen apart. we will keep an eye on that. 64 for night, stars and clouds. this is ominous picture. we do have immediate shower tonight. looks like armageddon. that's a beautiful night to take a look at some shooting stars. best time will be after 2:00. not bad and low humidity. here comes the muggy conditions for tuesday. 89degrees. we'll go 86 on wednesday, showers and maybe a storm, we will call isolated and dry and comfortable on thursday. all in all, really nice week, we should be around 86 or 87.
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>> doesn't feel like august does it? >> no. . we watched history at camden yard. manny machado came young team player ever. >> it happened at the second game at the orioles. a young man caught both balls. >> reporter: skills, luck or a little bit of both? 15-year-old adam corder went to camden yards on friday night never expecting to make history. his secret? he may be the first orioles fan to catch two home run ball that's a same player in the same game who is betting on the record book.
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>> it was coming my way but it curved a little bit. it landed the second to the left and i ran down and got it. >> reporter: on just his second game with the orioles, 20-year-old manny machado knocked a home run in the 5th inning on friday night. >> i grabbed it and said kid, i will give you 2 grand for that ball. >> reporter: what did you think? >> it's like a thought you always have when money is involved. i thought it was too special. manny had to have it. >> reporter: adam returned from the press box, it's now the 6th inning and it's deja vu that fast. older brother gabe was there with him. >> i pushed him under the railing and he went under and got the second one. >> reporter: the second home
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run ball now autographed. gave his girlfriend and her little brother got signed hats and balls. all happened when both parents both doctors was working. adam telling his friends on facebook and making plans for more games before joining his parents in a u.a.e. to start his junior year of high school. >> i think i will hold on to it as long as i can. i might sell it. >> reporter: if manny keeps playing like this, that second home run ball my fund adam's college education. >> you know manny hit another one day. the orioles invited all four of them back to camden yard next wednesday for a game against the red sox. hall of famer is having a celebration. a huge sculpture unveiled on
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saturday. he is the fourth oriole to receive the recognition this evening. william woody from pasadena is the winner of the white marlin open. worth $1.4 million. he caught the 72-pounder on wednesday aaboard the blew bayou. coming up, a chimped who escaped how the animal was able to get away for the second time in a month.
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. here we go a chimp on the loose. >> it happened again in las vegas a feisty chimp bust out of a cave. >> reporter: another chimpanzee escape in las vegas. c.j. escaped from a backyard cage sending fear through a las vegas neighborhood. that's because the last time, c.j. and her mate buddy, broke out of their enclosure and terrorized neighbor. >> they are wondering down the streets. they are dangerous. bring shotguns. >> reporter: after buddy headed towards a group of children, police opened fire. after this escape, police were
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able to tranquilize and capture the chimp. her owner says she has no idea how c.j. escaped again last night. it's not clear if the cage were made secure. >> we have gotten calls that people want to let c.j. out. pass this law in las vegas. i hope to god nobody tampered with the cage. >> reporter: there's a push for new law that make it tougher for people to own exotic animals. in 2009, a pet chimp attacked a woman at a home in connecticut. >> send the police. where's the gun. >> reporter: an earlier this summer, dan oberle was mauled. >> las vegas, the chimp is
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being held in a cage mixed with a lion and tiger. let's look at the weather. 89 for tomorrow. you will love tomorrow. this is going to be a beautiful day. temperatures comfortably near 90 degrees but then things change by tuesday. little more on the muggy side and afternoost. wednesday and thursday is beautiful. may couple storms friday and saturday. good news is, high heat and high humidity, not talking about any major crazy things across the area. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable.
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. looking good for this week. >> get outside. >> what time? >> you can go out now but the best peak time is 4:00 in the morning. all right see you tomorrow. >> have a good night. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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